New equipment for food industry

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We are happy to say we have completed our first “Design to Commissioning” Project.

This project started with a meeting and a clear need: our customer wanted a new equipment to increase his production capability while being adaptable to different product sizes.

We took this enquiry back with us and put some thought into it. We got a couple of concepts together and after a few meetings, we had an agreed upon solution.

This is where the lengthy design process started. We collaborated with an overseas manufacturer who specialises in the type of equipment we were after, but our machine was not an off the shelf item – it needed to be a perfect fit with numerous customizations. We worked closely with them to make this happen.

The next big challenge was the electrical control – we ensured the customer had all the controls he needed such as time and temperature control as well as safety redundancies.

When we were close to the shipping date, we had to put up to a new challenge: countries were shutting down due to COVID-19 outbreak. We had to work closely with the manufacturer, our customer and shipping agent to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

By the time the machine arrived, NZ was under level 4 lockdown which added its own set of challenges, but we managed to complete the mechanical and electrical installations safely and without any incidents. Finally, the commissioning process started and within a couple of days we had the machine running.

This is a unique machine- the equipment supplied and the whole setup gives the customer a huge advantage, therefore we cannot give any further details.  Agile Design respects our customer’s privacy and process confidentiality.